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Barlow speaks about ‘Boiling Point’ in Midhurst

Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow spoke in Midhurst this evening about her book, Boiling Point: Government Neglect, Corporate Abuse and Canada’s Water Crisis.

As the public forum began, Barlow tweeted, “Becky Big Canoe opening evening on protecting the waters of Simcoe County in Midhurst. Packed house.”

Council of Canadians organizer Rachel Small, who travelled with Barlow to the event, tells us that there were about 175+ people at tonight’s forum.

The Simcoe County Greenbelt Association promotion for the public forum had noted, “Maude Barlow, internationally-acclaimed water advocate and former advisor on Water Issues to the United Nations, has just released her latest book – Boiling Point outlining Canada’s water crisis. Join us for a thoughtful discussion about our most precious resource and how it needs our support and protection before its too late. Maude will be joined by the Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition to share how this water crisis can be seen front and centre in Simcoe County. Maude Barlow’s Boiling Point can be purchased (cash only) and signed on site.”

And in advance of Barlow’s visit, Muskoka To-Daily reported, “The water crisis is front and centre in Midhurst, with the severe drought through the region this summer, which has led to local water restrictions, beach advisories and poorer water quality.”

The newspaper also noted, “Barlow proved a major thorn in the side of G8 organizers in Huntsville in 2010 when she got in a canoe and along with a number of other protesters tried to paddle up to Deerhurst where world leaders were meeting. They were turned back by security, but not without raising the issue of water ownership.”

To date, Barlow has taken the Boiling Point book tour to Ottawa (Sept. 20), Kingston (Sept. 21), Guelph (Sept. 22), Toronto (Sept. 23), Vancouver (Sept. 29), Calgary (Sept. 30),  Belleville (Oct. 3), St. John’s (Oct. 14), Saskatoon (Oct. 18), Peterborough (Nov. 1), and now Midhurst (Nov. 7). Up next is London (Nov. 9), Renfrew (Nov. 17), Chilliwack (Nov. 21), and then Winnipeg (Nov. 24).

Copies of Boiling Point can be purchased at these book tour events or online through the publisher.