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Barlow speaks about water protection at public forum in Sidney, BC

Photo by Steve Fissel

Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow spoke at the SHOAL Centre in Sidney, British Columbia last night on the key themes in her book Boiling Point: Government Neglect, Corporate Abuse and Canada’s Water Crisis.

As noted in the outreach for the event, “Each year Elizabeth May, MP & Saanich Gulf Islands Greens present the Eminent Canadian Speakers series: This year we are honoured to have Maude Barlow speak on a blueprint for Canada’s water security. This is a special opportunity to hear from Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians best-selling author, and activist, for a discussion of Canada’s water crisis. In her new book, Boiling Point, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to craft a compelling blueprint for Canada’s water security!”

Last night, May tweeted: “Great turn-out for @MaudeBarlow for her talk on water” and “A catalogue of assaults on water: @MaudeBarlow – privatization, toxic contamination, slashed regulation, fracking threat to ground H2O.”

Other tweets from various people tell us:

  • Packed room here in Sidney to hear @MaudeBarlow speak about environmental issues! Great intro from @ElizabethMay too!

  • Packed room hearing from @MaudeBarlow on Canada’s #watersecurity and more! Great Q&A from engaged attendees!

  • Sobering talk re: #water by @MaudeBarlow – Sorry kids you’re inheriting a toxic world, @SoniaFurstenau we’ve got work to do

  • A thorough, urgent summary of the threats to clean water by @MaudeBarlow in #YYJ tonight. Check out her new book.

  • “You bet the United States is going to come for our water…we need to be really vigilant.” @MaudeBarlow calling for protection now

  • Great talk by @MaudeBarlow. Water is a human right. Let’s protect our water. NO to include water in trade agreements. YES to stronger laws.

  • So inspired by @MaudeBarlow, who gave a sobering yet hopeful talk about Canada’s water crisis & what we must do….

Since Boiling Point was published in September, Barlow has spoken about water protection in Ottawa (Sept. 20), Kingston (Sept. 21), Guelph (Sept. 22), Toronto (Sept. 23), Vancouver (Sept. 29), Calgary (Sept. 30),  Belleville (Oct. 3), St. John’s (Oct. 14), Saskatoon (Oct. 18), Peterborough (Nov. 1), Midhurst (Nov. 7), London (Nov. 9), Renfrew (Nov. 17), and now Sidney (Nov. 20). Up next is Chilliwack (tonight) and Winnipeg (Nov. 24).

Copies of Boiling Point can be purchased at these book tour events or online through the publisher.