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Barlow welcomes chapter activism in support of the Leap manifesto

Maude at Leap Manifesto launch

At the media conference that launched the Leap manifesto, a Radio-Canada reporter asked, “How do you plan to use and move forward this manifesto?”

Council of Canadian chairperson Maude Barlow responded, “At the grassroots level we have in our organization 72 local activist chapters and they are hungry for this kind of vision and direction. And I can tell you that they are already taking it and using it and bringing it, in a non-partisan way, into the election. And these questions that are going to be put to the candidates and to the parties are going to be very much now based on this model because it’s been so widely and extensively welcomed. I think we’ll see it outward [around the world] but I think it will also be dramatically welcomed by grassroots communities around this country.”

Her comments are at the 21:46 mark in the video here.

To sign the petition, please click here. And please be sure to help share the petition through your e-mail lists, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

For more on the Leap manifesto and the imperative of climate justice, please read Council of Canadians energy and climate justice campaigner Andrea Harden-Donahue’s blog Leap manifesto: bold climate and economic vision for Canada.

Photo: Barlow highlights that Council of Canadians chapters will help spread the word about the Leap manifesto.