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Barlow’s vision for 2017

Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow has tweeted her vision for 2017:

1- We protect Canada’s water and start with re-instating the water laws gutted by the Harper government.

2- We stop building pipelines and start to move away from our dependence on extreme energy, tar sands oil and fracking.

3- We tax corporations at the pre-Harper level and go after offshore tax havens. This would free up badly-needed billions.

4- We stop equating corporate-dominated trade agreements with “openness to the world” and negotiate trade that serves the people.

5- We create a national pharmacare program (remembering that CETA and TPP would prevent this crucial next step in health for all).

6- We continue to build alliances with organized labour and support workers against globalization and unjust practices everywhere.

7- We recognize, honour and defend the leadership shown by First Nations in the fight for environmental and social justice.

8- We promise to protect the public trust and not allow public assets such as water services to be sold to the private sector.

9- We bring the rule of law to Canadian mining companies behaving terribly in some countries of the global South.

10- We remember in all our foreign policy that peace can only come if accompanied by justice. May we serve that goal always.

To help make this vision a reality, please join our powerful network of local chapters across the country. You can also help support the work of The Council of Canadians through a donation.

To follow Barlow on Twitter, please go to @MaudeBarlow