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‘Blue Covenant’ reviewed in The Hindu

The Hindu newspaper was first published in 1889, and in 1995 became the first Indian newspaper to offer an online edition.

The Hindu is the most circulated periodical in India with a circulation of 1.17 million copies, according to the Registrar of Newspapers for India. According to the Indian Readership Survey, The Hindu has a readership of 5.2 million people.

Today, The Hindu reviewed Maude Barlow’s book Blue Covenant. The review states, in part, that “the first three chapters of the book tell a grim, depressing and frightening story, but chapters four and five dispel the gloom (at least partly) and offer a degree of hope through their accounts of the battles fought by the water warriors, some of them remarkably successful, and of the progress of the idea of the right to water. Being in substantial agreement with the argument of the book, this reviewer has no serious criticisms to offer.”

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