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Burlington city council votes to ban bottled water sales

The Burlington Post reported yesterday that, “Burlington may join a growing list of municipalities that have banned the sale of bottled water at city buildings. In a bid to lead by example in protecting the environment, politicians will tonight (Wednesday) debate a city staff recommendation to eliminate the sale of bottled water in city facilities.”

Trade campaigner Stuart Trew reports this morning that he “spoke to Burlington Green at their March 12 event where the mayor and two councillors were present. Council last night unanimously endorsed removing bottles from city buildings…”

The unanimous vote by councillors last night to end bottled water sales on city properties means that a follow-up report will be written on the “key financial, environmental and community implications of such a program…” before a final vote on this issue.

Burlington’s environmental coordinator Lynn Robichaud recommended the ban and authored a report saying it fit within the city’s strategic plan to be greener, that Halton Region’s public water system is “high-quality” and, as reported in the Post, has cited “the greenhouse gas emissions from the production and transport of the bottles (and) limiting how many bottles end up in the landfill rather than being recycled.”

In response to the criticism that bottled water bans are unfair and don’t address other drinks in plastic containers, Ms. Robichaud responds, “…one cannot turn on a tap and get orange juice as you can with municipal water.”

Congratulations to everyone, including our friends at the Polaris Institute, on last night’s win.