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Call the Health Minister on Ford’s privatization plan

This morning, our worst fears were confirmed.

This morning, our worst fears were confirmed. The Ontario NDP released yet more leaked documents that further reveal Doug Ford’s scheme to privatize health care services across Ontario.

Documents dating back to mid-December show plans have already been approved to shift health care services, and the public dollars that fund them, into private hands.

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott addressed this latest leak just hours ago at a media conference at Queen’s Park, where she was forced to admit, “what we are proposing is a massive transformation of our public health care system…”

You and I know exactly what that means: privatization.

Minister Elliott protested vehemently when questioned by reporters, saying this is not a done deal. She said the government is still listening to what Ontarians want in their health care system.

So now’s the time for us to call her on it – literally! Click to call Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott’s office and tell her you oppose the privatization of any health care services in Ontario.

More than 400 people from across the province have already flooded Minister Elliot’s office with calls! But today’s bombshell news means your voice is needed now more than ever.

Please be sure to share this action with your friends and family too so Minister Elliott hears the message loud and clear.

Ontario needs expanded medicare, not privatization that costs more money and means less care for all of us.

Thank you for speaking up for public health care in Ontario.