Canada to launch WTO challenge against EU ban on seal products

Brent Patterson
11 years ago
The National Post reports today that, "Canadian Fisheries Minister Gail Shea said Ottawa is planning to challenge (a proposed European Union ban on seal products) before the WTO." EU BAN ON IMPORTING SEAL PRODUCTS "The EU moved closer Monday toward adopting the trade ban after its committee on internal market and consumer affairs approved a proposal that would prevent EU countries from importing seal products." EU VOTE SET FOR APRIL 1 "The ban has yet to be approved by the members of the European Parliament -- a vote is set for April 1 -- and after that by individual EU governments." INUIT SEAL HUNT EXEMPTED "Products from traditional Inuit seal hunts from Canada and Greenland would be exempted under the proposed ban." WILLIAMS WITHDRAWS SUPPORT FOR CANADA-EU TRADE DEAL On February 23, CanWest reported that Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams, citing the EU ban, said, "At this point, we are not willing to sign on to support the negotiation of a new and comprehensive economic agreement with the European Union." That article reports, "The EU has said it can’t strike a deal, which according to a joint study would bring billions of dollars in economic growth to both Canada and Europe, without provincial government participation." WEB-LINKS