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Canadian leads Ottawa tour of her “banned art” exposing Canadian government inaction on Climate Change

If you are in Ottawa this coming Tuesday, consider joining me and others planning to attend Franke James’ short walking art tour.

Here are the details:

When? November 2nd, 2011, at 12:00pm.

What? Short walking tour of James’ art which is on display outside.

Where? Starts at the South-East corner of Bank and Wellington St, leading to Bank and Queen.

What is this all about?

James’ 2011-2012 European Art Tour, organized by Nektarina Nonprofit, scheduled to travel to 20 European cities, was cancelled.

In James’ own words:

“Nektarina Nonprofit, the producer of the tour, contacted officials at the Canadian Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia. Initially Canadian officials were supportive. However, on May 2, 2011, the Canadian embassy changed its position and decided not to support the show. But they did more than simply withdraw support. They advised Nektarina to cancel the show completely, saying “Don’t you know this lady speaks against the Canadian government?” Over the next two and half months the Canadian Government continued its behind-the-scenes interference by contacting the show’s sponsors and venues.  On July 22, 2011, Nektarina released an official statement, “In the past few months we have encountered many difficulties in organizing the exhibitions, usually connected to interventions of the Canadian Government… at times we felt patronized and even intimidated”.”

Come, join the tour, find out more about why James feels her art was banned and see some of her fun, new creative art on Ottawa streets!