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Centre Wellington chapter rallies against Nestle

Centre Wellington chapter activists Diane Ballantyne and Barb Lee.

The Council of Canadians Centre Wellington chapter took part in a SaveOurWater.ca rally against Nestle last night.

The Facebook promotion for the rally had noted, “Rally at MacDonald Square! Lets Makes some Noise! Show Mayor and Council you support a resolution to say no to the Middlebrook Well Permit! Join the Drops in the Bucket Rhythm Band (We are all members!) Bring noise makers, drums, shakers, be creative and bring your WATERPOWER to support Mayor and Council to tell the province to SAVE OUR WATER! We have treats for the kids, speakers, petitions, and info on how you can support the province’s proposed moratorium. Its Halloween so stop by the township square, show your support and then get on with your evening!”

The Centre Wellington chapter and allies are calling on the Township of Centre Wellington to pass a resolution expressing its opposition to Nestle’s application to test water at the Middlebrook Well. They have expressed concern that Nestle’s plan to extract 1.6 million litres of water a day could deplete the drinking water supply for the growing population in the area and that wells in the vicinity could be contaminated.

The Canadian Press reports, “Ontario’s environmental commissioner is urging the Liberal government to get better information about the province’s groundwater as it reviews the permits for bottled water companies. Environmental commissioner Dianne Saxe said the government doesn’t have enough data to know what’s happening with ground water in Ontario. The environmental watchdog warned that climate change will increase the amount of stress placed on water with more frequent and longer droughts, but said the province still allows millions of litres to be taken every day out of the ground.”

The Centre Wellington chapter works closely with SaveOurWater.ca.

For more on our campaign to stop Nestle, please click here.