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CETA raises fracking concerns in Europe

The European Union’s Joint Research Centre says that shale gas drilling poses ‘high risks’ to the environment and human health. Bulgaria, France and northern Spain (in Cantabria) have banned fracking. The people of Romania are saying no to Chevron fracking in their country.

But take note, Timothé Feodoroff of the Amsterdam-based Transnational Institute has stated, “CETA (the Canada-European Union trade agreement) will empower big oil and gas companies to challenge fracking bans and regulations (in Europe) through the back door. They would just need to have a subsidiary or an office in Canada.”

And Pia Eberhardt of the Brussels-based Corporate Europe Observatory has noted, “Members of the European Parliament should put the public interest ahead of investors’ and oppose the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism in CETA. It would pave the way for millions of Euros in compensation paid to big business by European taxpayers – for legislation in the public interest.”

Today there is news of a new EU directive on fracking to come. We’re keeping an eye on this in relation to CETA. Read more »