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Brent Patterson
Friday, March 3, 2018

The Victoria chapter and five other Council of Canadians chapters were at the #ProtectTheInlet rally on Burnaby Mountain last weekend.

We begin this update with condolences to the family and friends of former Brockville chapter activist Colin J. Williams who recently passed away at the age of 93.

Here now is a snapshot of recent and upcoming chapter actions across the country:

1- Peterborough-Kawarthas chapter celebrates local electricity utility PDI not being sold to Hydro One
2- Vancouver-Burnaby, Victoria, Delta-Richmond, Mid-Island, Cowichan Valley, Chilliwack chapter at #ProtectTheInlet rally on Burnaby Mountain
3- Nelson, Kelowna and Saint John chapters hold #ProtectTheInlet solidarity actions
4- Edmonton chapter attends Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Cities & Climate Change Science conference
5- Montreal chapter to deliver jar of water to Transport Minister's office as way to say #StopKM & #DefendTheWater, March 23
6- Guelph chapter to have information table at EcoMarket, March 24
7- Quill Plains (Wynyard) chapter to hold renewable energy event, April 7
8- Winnipeg chapter to raise concerns about hydro-power export transmission line at NEB hearings, May 23-June 1

9- South Niagara, Hamilton, Halton and Guelph chapters organize to hold fair trade conference, April 21
10- Prince Albert chapter to hold Earth Day sustainable agriculture event, April 21

11- Halton chapter says water is for life, not for profit (Nestle expected to apply for permit renewals by end of year)
12- NWT chapter calls on Ontario premier to step up and protect water from Nestle bottled water takings
13- Prince Albert chapter takes blue community resolution to their city council
14- Kent County chapter writes federal government about Bill C-68 (Fisheries Act) and Bill C-69 (environmental reviews & navigable waters)
15- NWT chapter makes submission to federal government on C-69
16- Fredericton chapter attends Environment Canada public meeting to oppose Sisson mine and Schedule 2 provision
17- Victoria chapter says plastic particles another good reason to avoid bottled water
18- Campbell River chapter calls on province and city to stop biocide spraying due to health and environmental risks
19- NWT chapter dismayed by lack of local social-economic benefit targets in Giant Mine closure and reclamation plan
20- South Shore chapter plays key role in 'Nova Scotia Offshore Drilling' tour, March 20-22
21- Cowichan Valley chapter to co-sponsor public forum vs Site C dam, March 21
22- North Shore chapter to hold book study group on 'The Mill', March 25
23- New Brunswick chapters prepare for provincial election, September 24
24- Montreal chapter to pursue municipal blue communities resolution

World Water Day
25- Twenty-seven chapters organizing World Water Day events
26- Ottawa chapter to screen 'Water Warriors' and 'A Tale of Two Cities', March 20
27- Hamilton chapter to screen 'Water Warriors', March 21
28- Chilliwack chapter to screen 'Water Warriors' with ally WaterWealth Project, March 21
29- London chapter to screen 'Water Warriors' documentary, March 21
30- NWT chapter to screen 'One River, Many Relations' and 'Water Warriors', March 22
31- Halton chapter to screen 'Water Warriors' and 'A Tale of Two Cities' March 22
32- Windsor-Essex chapter to hold World Water Day Smudge Walk, March 22
33- Guelph chapter to screen 'Water Warriors' and 'A Tale of Two Cities', March 22
34- Campbell River chapter to hold World Water Day forum with Andrew Nikiforuk and Damien Gillis, March 22
35- Brandon-Westman chapter to hold week of activities for World Water Day, March 19-23

36- London chapter rallies to stop planned closure of Cardiac Fitness Institute
37- Halton chapter tweets no Canadian should go without the medication they need
38- Kitchener-Waterloo chapter has information table on Bill 160 at Halton chapter public forum on pharmacare
39- Edmonton chapter attending Alberta Pharmacare Working Group meetings with allies
40- St. John's chapter to attend CLC public forum on pharmacare, March 26
41- Vancouver-Burnaby chapter to mobilize around Dr. Day legal challenge, April 9
42- Peterborough-Kawarthas chapter to participate in provincial all-candidates forum
43- Peterborough-Kawarthas chapter to initiate letter writing campaign for provincial election
44- Kelowna, Comox Valley and Victoria organizing pharmacare tour, September

45- Comox Valley chapter co-sponsors public forum with Elizabeth May on electoral reform referendum
46- Pacific region chapters prepare for referendum on electoral reform (November)

47- Victoria chapter organizes International Women's Day gathering
48- Montreal chapter at International Women's Day march hosted by Femmes de Diverses Origines
49- Cowichan Valley chapter activist Trudy Thorgeirson speaks at International Women's Day rally in Duncan
50- NWT chapter says for Trudeau government to be truly feminist it must prioritize universal child care
51- NWT chapter asks where is the commitment to find Tina Fontaine's killer
52- Winnipeg chapter co-sponsors 7th Generation Mother Earth Day, April 22
53- Prince Albert chapter to mark National Aboriginal Day, June 21
54- Prince Albert chapter to screen 'Silent Transformation' film on the co-operative movement

Upcoming annual and regional meetings, monthly chapter calls
55- Northumberland chapter to hold its annual general meeting, March 21
56- Cross country chapter check in scheduled for March 27, 8 pm ET (details to follow)
57- Terrace chapter to hold its regular planning meeting, April 7
58- Prairies-NWT chapters to hold monthly information sharing call, April 24
59- Chapters to vote on regional chapter representatives to the Board from the Atlantic and Prairies-NWT regions, May 11
60- Chapters to gather in Ottawa for Groundswell 2018 annual conference, June 22-24
61- Prairies-NWT regional meeting in Winnipeg, September 28-30
62- Pacific regional meeting in Vancouver, October 12-14
63- Atlantic regional meeting, October 19-21
64- Ontario-Quebec regional meeting in Toronto, October 26-28
65- Council of Canadians 2019 Groundswell annual conference to be held in Kamloops

For photos from many of these events and actions, please see @CBrentPatterson and @CouncilofCDNs on Twitter.

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