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Climate Code Red: A week of action for just transition legislation

Join the Climate Code Red week of action from October 12-17th to demand the federal government implement just transition legislation in the first 100 days of Parliament.  

Read the toolkit and sign up to join in

Communities and experts know that we need just transition legislation that: 

  • legislates fair-share emissions reductions, in Canada and beyond; 
  • protects and strengthens worker rights, Indigenous rights, human rights, and ensures migrant justice; 
  • expands the social safety net and reduces growing inequality; 
  • creates new economic institutions to implement the transition; and
  • creates good green jobs and drives inclusive workforce development. 

Scientists have issued a “code red for humanity” to tackle the climate crisis, but governments continue to let corporations call the shots. 

With your help, we can break the grip of corporate influence. Organize your community to pressure MPs to support just transition legislation. 

Participate in the week of action:

  • Download this Climate Code Red toolkit, which includes a Parliamentary petition and instructions on what to do with it. 
  • Collect at least 25 signatures, on paper. This is the minimum number necessary for an MP to table a petition in the House of Commons. 
  • Deliver these petitions to an MP in your area and ask them to be a just transition champion. 
  • Take pictures, share them on social media, and tell your community about what you’re doing. 
  • Repeat! You can ask the same MP to table the petition multiple times, creating multiple opportunities for them to support the demand for just transition legislation.
  • Need help getting started? We’re hosting a workshop to explain how this petition tactic works, and to help you prepare for meetings with MPs. We’re running the same workshop twice – join us on October 18th at 4PT/7ET or October 20th at 12PT/4ET.



Who’s organizing?

The Council of Canadians is mobilizing our membership to flood Parliament with waves of support for just transition legislation, based on the demands and experience of locally-rooted campaigners leading just transition movements across the country.

From October 12-17th, 20 communities and counting are organizing to build support for just transition legislation. The Council of Canadians is working with groups from coast to coast on the Code Red week of action. 

This week of action is also supported by our friends at the Ontario Federation of Labour, Justice for Workers, Climate Emergency Unit, Future Ground Network, 350.org Canada, the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, BC Nature, Cowichan Climate Hub, Toronto 350, and ClimateFast.

​​​​​​Why a Parliamentary petition? 

Parliamentary petitions are specifically targeted at Canadian parliamentarians and play a specific role in parliamentary activities. MPs who receive these petitions can read them aloud in Parliament, which is a first public commitment to supporting meaningful legislation.

Additionally, when an MP tables a petition, the government of the day is required to formally respond within 45 calendar days. 

Parliamentary petitions can be a direct line between the people and the House of Commons, and they can demonstrate to decision-makers in Ottawa that individuals and communities across the country and across party lines support a just transition. 

Why this action matters 

Together, we are building a network of organized communities demanding a just transition – and federal legislation that brings that transition to life for all of us. We know the alternatives needed for such transformative change exist. We have been implementing them in our communities and it’s time for our elected decision-makers to get on board. 

It’s time for our politicians to stop listening to corporations before they listen to us, the people. We must hold them accountable to create and champion legislation that prioritizes people and communities.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised a Just Transition Act in 2019, but he has yet to deliver. By asking MPs across parties to table our petition calling for this legislation we can bring waves of support for a just transition into Parliament.


Ready to take action? Let us know by filling out this quick form.