Concerns about tar sands polluting the NWT water supply

Brent Patterson
11 years ago
The Calgary Herald reports that, "The Dene Nation and the Assembly of First Nations -- along with the Pembina Institute's office in Yellowknife-- are raising concerns about the risk of toxic waste from the oilsands seeping into the Northwest Territories' water supply." PEMBINA RECOMMENDS TRANSBOUNDARY WATER AGREEMENT "The environmental think-tank is calling for several protections, including a halt on new projects until tougher environmental rules are in place, and a transboundary water agreement with the Northwest Territories." FIRST NATIONS MOTION FOR HEARINGS AND DRY TAILINGS TECHNOLOGY "Last week, the two First Nations groups passed a motion saying both the federal and provincial governments have failed to adequately protect water, fish and migratory species...The motion, which will be sent to Edmonton, Yellowknife and Ottawa, calls for extensive environmental hearings in the Northwest Territories and a commitment to use dry tailings technology for all future oilsands developments." The full article can be read at

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