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Conservatives at 41% support, Liberals at 28%

CTV reports this morning that, “A new Strategic Counsel survey, conducted Oct. 2-4 for CTV and the Globe and Mail, found that Tory support has surged to 41 per cent nationally, up six percentage points from September. The Conservatives now have a 13 percentage point lead over the Liberals, who have now seen their national support diminish to just 28 per cent.”

The NDP currently stand at 14 per cent, the Green Party at 9 percent, and the Bloc Quebecois are at 9 per cent.

“The Strategic Counsel’s Peter Donolo suggested the Liberals’ low numbers reflect a strong desire by voters to avoid an election. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has repeatedly stated he can no longer support the government.”

While the Liberals have increased their support in Quebec, “the poll also shows the Conservatives continue to make gains in Ontario and in Western Canada at the Liberals’ expense.”

As you may have already noted, Harper has called four federal by-elections to fill vacant seats for November 9.

Those ridings are New Westminster-Coquitlam, British Columbia; Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley, Nova Scotia; and Hochelaga (Montreal) and Kamouraska-Riviere-Du-Loup-Temiscouata-Les Basques, Quebec.

The report is at http://ctv.qwapi.com/site?t=oGFs7QqDTeuc942zmWq8Tg&sid=ctv.