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The Council of Canadians calls for transformative change

The Council of Canadians vision statement opens with these lines:

“Economic globalization and unregulated market capitalism have divided the world – and Canada – into rich and poor as at no time in living history and endangered the ability of the planet to sustain life. Tragically, most governments support an economic system that puts unlimited growth above the vital needs of people and the planet. The Council of Canadians is part of a global civil society movement to drive transformative change in the absence of true leadership by governments.”

It then highlights that we promote:

1- Fair trade over free trade – We support trading relationships that advance inclusive economies, promote a fair distribution of wealth, protect the environment, encourage renewable energy, and respect Indigenous rights.

2- Just and sustainable jobs – We support public investments in green infrastructure that could create up to one million climate jobs as well as just transition strategies for workers in carbon-intensive industries.

3- Public health care – We believe that health care is a right of everyone and that this right includes universal access to prescribed medicines.

4- Water security – We believe that no one should be denied essential water services, that water should be protected from pollution and inequitable extraction, and that water services should be provided to those in need of them.

5- Energy security – We support limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the call for a transition to a 100 per cent clean energy economy, and assert that energy and ecological security are interconnected.

6- Food security – We believe in the right to healthy food for all, including food that is nutritious, labelled with necessary information (including where and under what conditions it was produced), and free of genetically-modified organisms.

7- Alternatives to corporate power – We support fair taxation, the right regulate in the public interest, public ownership, public services, and the essential role the labour movement plays in strengthening workers’ rights.

8- Democracy – We advocate for electoral reform, proportional representation, the right to vote, government accountability, transparent processes, meaningful consultations, and policies that serve people, communities and the environment.

To support our campaigns that further this vision, please make a donation and/or join one of our local chapters.

You are also invited to our Groundswell annual conference this June 22-24.