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Council endorses the People’s Climate March, Sept. 20-21

People's Climate March

The Council of Canadians has endorsed the People’s Climate March that will be taking place on September 20-21 in New York City.

Bill McKibben presents this context, “Since Ban Ki-moon runs the United Nations, he’s altogether aware that we’re making no progress as a planet on slowing climate change. He presided over the collapse of global-climate talks at Copenhagen in 2009, and he knows the prospects are not much better for the ‘next Copenhagen’ in Paris in December 2015. In order to spur those talks along, he’s invited the world’s leaders to New York in late September for a climate summit.”

McKibben adds, “Day to day [our] resistance is rightly scattered, local and focused on the more mundane: installing a new zoning code, putting in a solar farm, persuading the church board to sell its BP stock. But sometimes it needs to come together and show the world how big it’s gotten. That next great moment is late September in New York. See you there.”

The Council of Canadians will help to build the momentum for this march, we encourage you to find out more on Facebook and to tweet your support for this – start using the hashtag #climatemarch – and we are now looking into buses to take our supporters and friends in the Toronto and Ottawa areas on the 750-kilometre or so trip to this vital march. Stay tuned for details!

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