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The Council intervenes against the G7 in La Malbaie and Quebec City

A team of Council of Canadians activists intervened to challenge the G7 summit over the past several days.

Thursday June 7 – We held a media conference in La Malbaie. The Canadian Press reported, “Leo Broderick, chair of the Council of Canadians, was on-hand to speak to the media and denounce the summit altogether. ‘The G7 is highly undemocratic’, he said.” We also took part in a march vs the G7 in Quebec City that evening.

Friday June 8 – We made a large G7 with a line through it sign in a field to send a message to G7. The Montreal Gazette reported, “[The Council of Canadians installed] a massive 50 by 35 metre anti-summit sign in a farmer’s field right in the helicopter flight path of the leaders flying from CFB Bagotville and the summit site in La Malbaie.”

Saturday June 9 – We brought 30,000 signatures against offshore oil and gas drilling to the so-called ‘free speech zone’ in La Malbaie as the G7 held a session on ‘healthy oceans’. We spoke the names of the signatories over a loudspeaker and on 92.9FM. Our message: If you want to protect the ocean and the climate, you must ban offshore drilling!

Also on Saturday June 9, trade campaigner Sujata Dey spoke at the Alternative Forum that took place in front of the National Assembly in Quebec City then joined with the Montreal chapter for the Unitary protest march through Old Quebec.

We also posted on our website numerous critiques of the G7 including:
The G7 summit in La Malbaie is a climate crime scene
G7 undermines the human right to water and sanitation
G7 plastics charter wouldn’t ban single-use bottled water

The next G7 summits are to take place in France (2019) and the United States (2020). To sign our Make this the Last G7 Summit petition, please click here.