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The Council launches online petition to say Donald Trump isn’t welcome to visit Canada

The Council of Canadians has launched a new petition that allows all of us to say that Donald Trump isn’t welcome here.

To sign our petition, please click here.

Trump’s vulgar rhetoric has insulted, demonized and endangered women, immigrants, Muslims, people of colour and many others.

We reject his racist characterization of Haiti and other countries, his misogynist views, his failure to unequivocally condemn white supremacist hate, his racist travel ban that targeted Muslims, his characterization of climate change as a hoax, and his characterization of Mexican immigrants as criminals.

We are also deeply concerned that fifteen women have stated that Trump has committed sexual assault, sexual harassment and lewd behaviour.

And we are disappointed that early on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau extended an invitation to Trump to visit Canada.

In November 2016, CBC reported, “Trudeau has invited U.S. president-elect Donald Trump to visit Canada ‘at his earliest opportunity’. Asked by reporters how he would explain to children that a ‘sexist, racist, bully’ was taking office, Trudeau stressed the need to promote a strong working relationship with anyone who the American people elect.”

People power may have already stopped Trump from visiting Canada.

After almost 100,000 people across Canada participated in Women’s Marches in January 2017, The Globe and Mail reported, “Trudeau and Trump have pledged to meet, but a high-profile visit to Parliament any time soon seems unlikely. Sources familiar with the Trudeau government’s plans say Canadian officials are worried that mass protests would disrupt Mr. Trump’s visit to Canada, and that view has been shared with the President’s team.”

Perhaps this is also why Trump just became the first US president in 40 years not to visit Canada during his first year in office.

But now Trump is scheduled to visit Canada on June 8-9 for the G7 summit (a highly problematic and undemocratic body in of itself).

To sign our petition that says Trump and his racist, misogynist, vulgar and dangerous words and actions are not welcome, please click here.