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Council to participate in Climate Assembly, June 6 in Montreal

Assembly on Climate Change

The Council of Canadians is supporting the Social Movements’ Assembly on Climate Change on Friday June 6 in Montreal. It will be an important moment to collectively express our opposition to the Energy East pipeline and to demand federal action to address climate change.

As our friend Michel Lambert from Alternatives writes, “The ball is therefore in our court as a civil society to ensure action. On June 6, this novel process will reunite forces from the East and the West, with Indigenous communities taking part in a massive non-partisan alliance in order to force the Conservative Party to modify its approach, as well as force the other parties to adapt their platform and broach the topic of climate change if they truly wish to replace Harper. The meeting in June will lead to a much larger meeting during the Peoples’ Social Forum from August 21 to 24 in Ottawa, during which more than 10,000 people are expected to participate.”

He adds, “The Assembly on Climate Change will be the first initiative gathering forces from all Canadian territories. Indigenous and environmental groups, citizens’ associations, scientists, youth and all those who are active on this issue will be present. The environmental movement in Canada is very dynamic and inspiring, but it can’t carry the fight against climate change all on its own. The second innovation of the Assembly will be to involve other branches of social movements in this struggle. The support of workers, students, citizens of Canada will be necessary.”

To read more about the Council of Canadians and the Peoples Social Forum, please see Council of Canadians supports the Peoples Social Forum.