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Council supporters share reasons why they are committed to building climate solutions for all

When we asked people to join the climate solutions movement a few weeks ago, we also asked them why they wanted to join.

We heard from teachers, grandparents, activists, farmers, parents and indigenous people who are all passionate about climate change and its solutions.

Here is a sample of what some of you had to say, in your own words:

“Because, at age 97, I have little time left, but I want my family and the rest of humanity to have a planet that is suitable for human life to continue.”

“Because a vibrant and sustainable future is only possible if we work together.”

“Because I am a metis mother and grandmother….it is my responsibility as a giver of life to ensure that the world’s children, 2 legged and more, have a clean safe world to live in for generations to come.”

“Because I want to hear more about how other communities, cities, province, states, countries are successfully making the transition and lessons learned.”

“Because I want my grandchildren to enjoy the wonders of nature like I did as a child.”

“Because it is doable and is much, much better for our treasured environment and its people.”

“Because like you, I want to pressure governments to invest in renewable energy, instead of fossil fuel subsidies, and to put workers and communities first!”

“Because Canada MUST move now to catch-up with the rest of the world when it comes to renewable energy. It is the future, particularly for trained employment. North America cannot stand alone as the world’s dinosaur that clings to petroleum. It is ludicrous to ignore wind, solar and thermal energy production (to name a few).”

“Parce que c’est la clé pour un monde avec moins d’inégalités entre les riches et les pauvres, un monde de partage et de connaissance des autres, un monde avec plus de justice pour tous.”

“Because energy should be a public owned venture. Not for one companies personal profit. To be under the thumb of big oil around every corner of life is despicable. This has gone on for way too long. Very tired of these out right crooks manipulating the people…”

“Because I am a First Nations Woman who values our Canadian resources and believes that water is life.  We must protect it and Mother Earth.   Thank you.”

“Because I have long been an advocate of the climate change movement, having participated in many marches, signed numerous petitions and written to Prime Minister Trudeau about the need to transition away from fossil fuels and embrace a fossil-free future by investing in renewable energy. Having recently become a grandmother, I feel even more keenly the urgency for a healthy, peaceful, loving, socially and economically just, interconnected, environmentally sustainable world in which my granddaughter can grow up and bring her unique gifts to caring for our planet in service to the common good.”

In case you missed it, Prairies Organizer Brigette DePape wrote a blog outlining 3 Reasons Why Governments Should Invest in Renewables