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CYD ACTION ALERT: If dirty Industry can buy Influence, why can’t we?

The Council of Canadians is a member of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition. The CYCC consistently holds our federal government accountable on climate change, organizing creative actions and ensuring that the perspective of future generations is being considered.

The CYCC has a delegation (the Canadian Youth Delegation, CYD) of 19 people in Durban South African for the climate talks. They are organizing creative and pointed actions. Please consider taking a few moments to take action with the alert they released today in Durban (copied below).

CYD ACTION ALERT: If dirty Industry can buy Influence, why can’t we?

Countless people across Canada have called on this government to end its destructive subsidies for dirty oil extraction and commit to a fair, ambitious, and binding climate legislation, however, it seems our demands have fallen on deaf ears. It seems we are speaking the wrong language when it comes to getting our government’s ear, so now we’re going to try to speak in a language they understand. We know that our government is quite sympathetic to the needs of the oil industry, handing out billions in subsidies each year, so it seems money and influence is what is needed to gain their support, so this is your chance to take a page from the petroleum peddlers.  Let’s buy back our future!

How you can “Buy Back Your Future” in 5 minutes:

Step 1 – Follow this link to open and print off the “Buy Back our Future” letter .
Step 2 – Sign the letter and include any additional messages you would like on the back of the page.
Step 3 – Put the signed letter in an envelope with your spare change to buy back your future.  If dirty industry can buy influence, why can’t we?
Step 4 – Mail your letter after addressing the envelope to the Prime Minister at the following address (you do not need to pay postage to mail the Prime Minister from anywhere in Canada):

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2
Step 5 – Tweet and facebook about how you just tried to buy back your future and that its time for your friends to too.

A sample tweet is below:
Sent @pmharper a letter and some money to #buybackourfuture, if industry can buy climate policy why can’t we? #tarsands #COP17

Thanks!  Stay tuned to CYD for updates because its time that people are heard over polluters!
If you’d like to organize a Buy Back Your Future action in your community click here.