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D’Aquino says the SPP is ‘probably dead’

Embassy Magazine reported on March 4 that, “the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership ‘is probably dead,’ the Commons’ Foreign Affairs committee was told on Feb. 25. However, Thomas d’Aquino, head of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, said something else will inevitably replace the controversial forum.”

D’Aquino said, “Why it will be replaced is because the energy, environment, trade, financial regulation, and agriculture, all these things that we do in the form of millions of cross-border transactions everyday are going to have to be co-ordinated.”

We will have a fuller analysis on this (and consult with our allies and colleagues on a larger pronouncement), but d’Aquino’s statement does seem to support our observation that while various pro-corporate lobby groups and think tanks continue to aggressively push the deep integration agenda, the SPP itself is ‘probably dead’.

The full article is at http://www.embassymag.ca/page/view/committees-3-4-2009.