Delta-Richmond chapter optimistic Massey Bridge will be cancelled

Brent Patterson
3 years ago

The Council of Canadians Delta-Richmond and Vancouver-Burnaby chapters have long opposed the construction of the ten-lane Massey Bridge.

Long-time Delta-Richmond chapter activist Cathy Wilander says, "NO BRIDGE!!!! It's been years of many of us including Delta/Richmond chapter of the Council of Canadians activists picketing, leafleting, holding community events, media releases, standing and talking with people outside gov't pro bridge events, sometimes we were in pouring rain, dealing with police etc etc. but IT"S DEAD!!!"

The $3.5 billion ten-lane bridge championed by (outgoing) Premier Christy Clark is being built to replace the existing four-lane George Massey Tunnel that goes under the south arm of the Fraser River estuary and joins the municipalities of Richmond and Delta about 20 kilometres south of Vancouver city centre.

Now the Delta Optimist reports, "The two B.C. political party leaders who could very well be forming the next government in the coming days are certainly making it sound like the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project will be scrapped...  Earlier this week New Democrat leader John Horgan, who has not stated whether he's outright opposed to the $3.5 billion project, said it's not likely the best plan and that he would defer the issue to the region's mayors. The region's mayors, as well as Metro Vancouver, have already stated their opposition, indicating the 10-lane bridge is unnecessary."

The article adds, "Interviewed on CKNW radio Wednesday, Green leader Andrew Weaver claimed a second tunnel would be 'much cheaper' and also that the new bridge was not part of an overall transportation plan. Saying congestion would be transferred to the Oak Street Bridge, the Green leader noted what is needed is a comprehensive strategy in Metro Vancouver for transportation that includes public transportation, bridge retrofits, and may include a second tunnel."

While it is not known at this point, there is speculation that the current government's Throne Speech could be read on June 19, followed by a confidence vote at some point over the next two weeks, and that NDP leader John Horgan could be sworn in as the Premier of British Columbia by July 1.

It is our hope that the construction of the bridge will be cancelled shortly after that.

The Delta-Richmond and Vancouver-Burnaby chapters have been opposing the bridge since at least March 2013.

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