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Put people's health and well-being first

Demand a just recovery

It’s time for a political revolution. Are you ready?

The pandemic has exposed and entrenched the deep inequities of our existing system and opened a pathway to leave these injustices behind.

We can’t go back to normal; we must find a better way. It’s not just you and me who think this – this perspective has majority support. Seventy-three per cent of Canadians expect a “broad transformation of society.” But how do we make it happen?

We need a just recovery for communities that doesn’t continue the injustices of the past and present. Will you join us?

The Council of Canadians, in coalition with likeminded organizations, has been hard at work crafting a collective set of principles for a just recovery to address the crises we’re in by changing the system.

These principles unite people, organizations, communities and movements by calling for changes to:

  1. Put people’s health and well-being first, no exceptions.
  2. Strengthen the social safety net and provide relief directly to people.
  3. Prioritize the needs of workers and communities.
  4. Build resilience to prevent future crises.
  5. Build solidarity and equity across communities, generations and borders.
  6. Uphold Indigenous rights and work in partnership with Indigenous Peoples.

To transform these principles into action, we need to organize, and for that, I need your help.

We are at a historic crossroads. What was once politically “impossible” is now on the table. In some cases, it’s already happened. We’ve made progress with free transit, expanded income supports, and the conversion of manufacturing capacity to protective health equipment. Universal public housing, public ownership of privatized sectors of the economy, and a rapid, just transition to a low carbon economy are possible if we fight for them.

Despite the continued spread of COVID-19, there are already calls for reopening the economy with austerity, privatization, expanded fossil fuel infrastructure and more. These aren’t solutions to the crises – they’re a central part of the problem, and the impacts are disproportionately felt by people and communities made vulnerable by our unjust systems.

We need a just recovery for communities. While the 1% look to profit from these crises, you and I can work to protect the rest of us. And we need to build on the progress that has been made over the past two months – when the crises have passed, this progress must be permanent.

The Council of Canadians is supporting community-led organizing efforts from coast-to-coast-to-coast to build a just recovery and a Green New Deal from the ground up.

Will you add your voice to the growing demand for a just recovery and a Green New Deal?

We won’t hoard toilet paper and flour – don’t let the 1% hoard well-being.