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Dufferin Aggregates’ quarry at French’s Hill poses new threat to Alliston aquifer

On May 16, 2017 AWARE News Network reported, “William Shotyk, right, addresses Tiny Township Council. Vickie Monague of Beausoleil First Nation, known for her role in stopping Dump Site 41, is at left, live streaming the presentation.”

The community group ‘Friends of Waverly Uplands’ says, “There will be a public meeting held by Dufferin Aggregates on Tuesday September 19 [at the Wyebridge Community Centre at 6:00 pm] in regards to protecting French’s Hill, the recharge area for the Alliston Aquifer which supplies gold standard water to [the communities of Tiny, Springwater and Tay Township in southern Ontario].”

Their outreach for this meeting warns, “Dufferin staff have confirmed that they’ve purchased the Beamish Quarry. Dufferin also confirmed that they were going ahead with the water taking permit to wash gravel, and will be taking asphalt and other construction material into the site. There will be no concrete pad or other ground barrier for this material to prevent groundwater contamination.”

And they highlight, “This could be another Site 41!”

In October 2015, environmental researcher Dr. John Bacher wrote that the expansion of the existing Beamish quarry threatens significant forest in the area.

He added, “In addition to devastating forests, the Beamish quarry expansion proposal is an attack on the world’s purest water, the same important source for the Alliston Aquifer that was battled over in the long struggle against Dump Site 41. Elaine Stephenson, a champion of the French’s Hill Forest, has explained how she appreciated from childhood how the purity of her well water from this unusual geological feature. On this basis the quarry scheme was denounced by a leading foe of Dump Site 41, Stephen Odgen, at a October 13, 2009 meeting of the Tiny Township Council.”

This past May, scientist William Shotyk addressed the Tiny Township Council on this issue. He stated, “This water is in your hands. But I think the opportunity is here to think about the value of the water from a much larger perspective, and not only for the citizens of this part of Ontario but for all the citizens of Ontario.”

In 2009, the Council of Canadians joined a successful community campaign to stop the Site 41 garbage dump.