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Emerson says SPP working groups should not be restarted

Columnist Barbara Yaffe writes in the Vancouver Sun today that, “The last effort to kick-start more continental integration came in 2005 with the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Under the SPP, private sector working groups in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico tried to achieve greater standardization of regulations for smoother border flows across the continent. (Canada’s former international trade and foreign affairs minister in the Harper government) David Emerson says the group, which has not been active since Obama was elected, should not be revitalized. The SPP ‘has become code for some kind of conspiracy to destroy the sovereignty of the participating countries. Hokum for the most part but [the notion] has received a fair amount of media play.'”That said, Emerson, who is rumoured to be the next Canadian ambassador the United States, “is calling on Canada to lead a new charge on continental integration. He calls his idea Project North America. Says Emerson: ‘I think the process of integration has to begin with the two leaders, perhaps three,’ outlining a joint vision for closer collaboration…Emerson says Canada needs to more closely coordinate strategy with Americans in three specific areas: Trade; energy and the environment, and continental security.”

The full article is at http://www.vancouversun.com/Business/Emerson+goes+against+tide+push+border+reforms/1571809/story.html.