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FCM to vote on proposal to restrict bottled-water sales

The Globe and Mail reports this morning that, “The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is considering a new policy to urge all cities and towns across the country to ban bottled water within their facilities, arguing that the product is bad for the environment.”

The London chapter of the Council of Canadians was instrumental in getting this resolution to the FCM for their consideration.

The article continues, “A vote on the proposal is expected on Saturday at a board meeting in Victoria…”

In advance of this vote, the Council of Canadians has written to all FCM Board members encouraging them to support this resolution.

We will also be able to let you know the outcome of the vote shortly after it happens.

Council of Canadians chapter activists and allies have been key in winning bottled water resolutions in municipalities across Canada, and a win at the FCM on Saturday would be an outcome of the momentum of that great work.

You may also remember that in June 2008, the US Conference of Mayors passed a resolution encouraging mayors to phase out city spending on bottled water and to promote the importance of municipal water.

To read more about the Council of Canadians ‘Unbottle it!’ campaign, please go to

Please also note that our ‘Unbottle it!’ tour with CUPE Ontario will continue with visits to four northern Ontario communities in mid-April and early-May. More on that soon.