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Federal election on October 26?

The Toronto Star reports that, “Canadians may find themselves going to the polls sooner rather than later.”

“A Commons vote that could bring down the minority Conservative government has been tentatively scheduled for next Friday, sources tell The Canadian Press.”

“The so-called ways and means motion signals an upcoming vote on a budget matter, but is considered a vote of confidence.”

“The Liberals have said they will not continue to support the Conservative government.”

If the Harper government were to fall on Friday September 18, the most likely election date would be Monday October 26.

Most speculation has suggested the government would fall in the first week of October and that the election would take place on Monday November 9 or Monday November 16. But as an election seems increasingly inevitable, Monday October 26 may well be the date.

The Council of Canadians will be holding its annual general meeting in Saint John, New Brunswick from Friday October 23 to Sunday October 25.

Please note that we have been developing our approach to this election over the past couple of weeks, and will be sharing that plan shortly.