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The fight against fracking in New Brunswick today

The courageous stand of the people against Texas-based SWN Resources continues.

CBC reporter Jennifer Choi Tweeted two-hours ago, “Shale gas opponents walk along hwy 11 in northbound lane. Walking towards vibroseis truck.” That was followed by, “RCMP seem to have closed off highway” and then, “SWN trucks used in seismic testing turn around before people reach the trucks.” 

Shale gas opponents walk along hwy 11 in northbound lane. @Jennifer Choi

People celebrate trucks turning around. @Jennifer Choi

That prompted celebration by the activists that helped to turn those trucks around!

Unfortunately, Choi has just Tweeted, “SWN filing extension to court injunction which expires on Dec. 2nd at midnight. SWN says by then it’ll need to finish 5-10kms of work.”

The Council of Canadians has provided material aid (including a generator, sleeping bags and tarps) to maintain the protest camps, donated to the bail fund for those who have been arrested maintaining the blockade, numerous chapter activists have been on the ground to provide daily support, and two of them have been arrested in non-violent protests attempting to stop the thumper trucks.

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