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Flood Parliament text on Parliament Hill

Flood Parliament with support for just transition legislation

The Council of Canadians is demanding just transition legislation. Sign up here to join in.

Our members and supporters are out in their communities, collecting signatures on a petition for just transition legislation. They’re bringing those petitions to their MPs and asking them to speak publicly – and frequently – in the House of Commons to flood Parliament with support for a just transition.

This is creating two important opportunities:

  • It is bringing the topic of just transition into the legislature again and again
  • It is giving local organizers a chance to talk to their communities about this issue, and build our movements through action and solidarity

So far we have 30 MPs committed to table the petition, and 10 of them already have. More than 120 members, chapters, and supporters in more than 40 places across the country are actively collecting more petitions.

Here’s how you can join in

  • Deliver these petitions to an MP in your area and ask them to table and speak about this petition in the House of Commons.
  • Let us know how meeting with your MP went.

See the toolkit for more details and tips | Questions? Read our FAQ

Why do we need just transition legislation?

Communities and experts know that we need just transition legislation that:

  • Legislates Canada’s fair-share emissions reductions;
  • protects and strengthens worker rights, Indigenous rights, human rights, and ensures migrant justice;
  • creates new economic institutions to implement the transition;
  • expands the social safety net and reduces growing inequality; and
  • creates good green jobs and drives inclusive workforce development.

Scientists have issued a “code red for humanity” to tackle the climate crisis, but governments continue to let corporations call the shots.

With your help, we can break the grip of corporate influence. Organize your community to pressure MPs to support just transition legislation.

Find the Flood Parliament toolkit here.

Ready to take action? Let us know by filling out this quick form.