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Fooling the People No More

It is hard to believe an entire year has passed since the Progressive Conservatives took power in Ontario. The fears expressed before the election, that the province would take an enormous step backwards under Doug Ford, seem quite understated in hindsight. Looking back on this past year of senseless cuts, regressive policies and outrageous scandals is depressing- but keep in mind that Doug Ford’s popularity has dropped faster and farther than any previous Premier. The people of Ontario are better than this government.   

The past year has also seen a tremendous fight back from progressive minded community groups, activists, unions and the general public. Our fifteen volunteer chapters in Ontario have been exceptionally busy:

– forming and participating in new coalitions to fight Ford,

-participated in rallies and protests at MPP offices, Ministry buildings and bussed in to several huge rallies at Queens Park

– reaching out to their communities through leafleting, info tables at weekly farmers markets and   hosting special events to educate and organize for resistance  

-analyzing the impacts of the PC government’s policies and actions

– meeting with PC MPPs to protest cuts to the basic income pilot, green energy, environmental protection, child advocacy, autism support, education, and healthcare. 

And our chapters have been bolstered by more than 3000 supporters who have signed our FightFord pledge.

Our supporters have also been active -tens of thousands of them have written, called or visited PC MPPs to express their concerns and opposition.

We have also been using a new tactic to slow Ford’s reckless agenda.  We have been calling donors to the Progressive Conservatives and asking them to stop donating to the party. We have had some encouraging feedback from those PCO donors- approximately half of respondents so far have declared they would stop donating.  Thanks to the hard work of some diligent volunteers, we have tracked down the telephone numbers of a significant percentage of PCO donors and we are ramping up these calls.   

We may be stuck with Ford for three more years but we are not going to sit on our hands. We will continue working with progressive allies across Ontario to protect the most vulnerable, to safeguard our communities, and to prevent Ford and his cronies from dismantling our province.

We know it won’t be easy but we have fought regressive governments many times over the last 34 years and, with your support, we will make a difference.