Fredericton chapter hosts successful all-candidates debate

Angela Giles
1 year ago

New Brunswick is in the midst of a provincial election, and chapters have been mobilizing in their communities to get people engaged in the issues and calling on their candidates be clear on their stance regarding fracking, glyphosate spraying, democracy and many other issues.

Wednesday night, the Fredericton chapter of the Council of Canadians hosted an all-candidates debate in the riding of Fredericton South. According to Garry Guild, Fredericton chapter contact, “The evening was a great success. There was a packed house with at least 230 people. The comments we received from people were very positive on how well run and informative the event was.

Maggie Connell moderates the all-candidates debate for Fredericton-South, September 12, 2018

“All the 5 candidates attended and had confirmed weeks in advance. Maggie Connell [Fredericton chapter activist] was a great MC and kept the meeting running smoothly. It was a classy event in which we tried our best to make all the candidates feel comfortable, respected, and glad they participated.

“The questions that were posed reflected local concerns as well as provincial concerns. It was a wonderful event in which constituents could meet and interact with their candidates so they could obtain information to make an informed vote. A great example of grassroots democracy.”

Congratulations to those who helped organize this event and who are organizing to get people out to vote for a more progressive government on September 24th!

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