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#GoVote2015 forum in Moncton

Public forum speakers

The Council of Canadians held a #GoVote2015 public forum with about 150 people in Moncton tonight. The panel featured Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow, Unifor president Jerry Dias, Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) president Deb Daviau and Council of Canadians youth vote campaigner Brigette DePape.

From Twitter posts by Council of Canadians campaigner Dylan Penner, organizer Tori Ball and others, we get this overview of the evening:

Maude Barlow

Maude Barlow

  • Maude Barlow reads list of organizations cut by Harper

  • Maude Barlow talks about the jobs and services cut by the conservatives

  • Maude Barlow talking about importance of increasing voter turnout

  • “We will kick Harper out and he will not take our hope with him when he goes”

  • “They called me a ‘malicious something or other’ for calling out robocalls that deterred people from voting

  • “What would Canada look like without our movements fighting for racial, social, environmental justice that Harper is trying to destroy”

Jerry Dias

Jerry Dias

  • “They are closing coast guard stations while trying to ship more raw crude overseas from our coasts”

  • “Why doesn’t Harper want to participate in debates? Because how could he answer to denying an inquiry on MMIW?”

  • “Why is Harper against an MMIW inquiry? Can you imagine if it was 1200 white men from Bay Street missing?”

  • “It’s about choices. Unifor can play a leadership role. We saw it in Alberta and we can see it again in New Brunswick and Canada”

  • “We can do this”

Deb Daviau

  • “Our members have made science & evidence based decision-making the bargaining priority”

  • “Our scientists went to the table to fight for good sustainable science over wages and sick leave this year”

  • “Scientific integrity isn’t just about the environment. A whole plethora of really critical services: food safety & drug approval”

  • “We gotta get rid of Harper and protect long hard fought agreements for workers”

  • “Prosperity is mutually beneficial. We need to pay it forward to out children n grandchildren”

  • “25% of scientists have been asked 2 change their work based on NON scientific reasons”

  • “Survey of 5,000 scientists 90% said can’t speak out. 50% knew of specific situations public was put at risk because of Harper agenda”

  • Deb Daviau pledges to canvass 8,000 of her members plus three sons

Brigette DePape

  • “Can you imagine celebrating on October 19 when we’ve done everything in our power for change?”

  • “We have a choice – to pretend nothing’s wrong or to stand up for our rights”

  • “Each person has important skills and gifts to bring to this movement. Let’s make this happen together”

  • “We are at the heels of incredible social movements like occupy and idle no more The time is now for us to make change happen”

  • “Voting is one clear way in addition to creative action & protest for us to see change”

Town hall

Moncton was the sixth stop in a ten-city cross-country tour following successful events in Vancouver, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Bridgewater. The tour will next go to Scarborough (June 1), Toronto (June 18), London (June 22) and Comox (June 24). For details on these upcoming tour stops, please click here. To follow the tour on Twitter, search #GoVote2015.

Social media photos of this evening’s public forum.