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Green Economy Network calls for Throne Speech to prioritize climate jobs

Will this week’s Speech from the Throne be a meaningful step forward for climate justice and a just transition? Or will it be another missed opportunity to take action on the scale required to put out the fires of the climate emergency.


Either way, it will be a significant moment that elaborates on the government’s climate priorities for the first time since the recent federal election. 


In a statement released today, the Green Economy Network (GEN) is calling on the federal government to take this opportunity “to make a clear commitment to invest in climate action and climate jobs”.


GEN is demanding that the government “make climate job creation a priority through investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency and green buildings, public transit and higher speed rail transit.”


GEN members are pointing out that the government needs “to invest in the climate jobs Canada needs to transition to the green economy of tomorrow.” The statement also underscores that “This government has a clear mandate to make these long overdue investments… Study after study has shown that Canada can create over a million climate jobs and substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provided that governments lead the way with targeted investment strategies.”


The Council of Canadians is a long-time member of GEN, along with many labour, environmental and social justice groups.