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Guelph chapter presented award by Muslim Society of Guelph

The Building Bridges event where the award was presented.

The Council of Canadians Guelph chapter has been given a social justice award by the Muslim Society of Guelph.

The Muslim Society of Guelph presented the award to the chapter “in appreciation for your ongoing commitment and contributions to strengthening our community and Building Bridges together.”

Chapter activist Norah Chaloner tells us, “We have been using our network and skills to engage more people in support for our incoming Syrian refugee families and also handing out buttons that people can wear. The buttons state, ‘my brother is muslim’ or ‘my sister is muslim’ to show widespread support for our common brotherhood.”

In December 2015, the Guelph Mercury reported, “Hundreds of individuals and dozens of organizations have signed up to help settle an estimated 400 Syrian refugees in Guelph. The event was organized by the Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership, the Muslim Society of Guelph, the Refugee Sponsorship Forum and the Council of Canadians.”

The Council of Canadians supports diversity and inclusion, and rejects racism and Islamophobia.

For more on the work of the Guelph chapter, please click here.