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Guelph chapter tells City Council to demand an exemption from CETA

On December 3rd, Guelph chapter joined by other activists marched to call on city council to exempt the municipality from CETA

The march included the CETApus, a large multi armed monster representing the invasive nature and reach of CETA into our communities. To see the creative mascot of Guelph’s opposition, check out the video on the Guelph Mercury.

On Monday, Guelph chapter members, Guelph Labour Council, CUPE, Wellington Water Watchers, and the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice brought their concerns and a resolution to city council with the hope that the city would demand that the provincial government attain an exemption for Guelph from the trade deal.

The Guelph Mercury reports that in city council on December 5th, “Despite a half-dozen residents urging them otherwise, members of a city committee Monday refused to recommend the city try to opt out of a trade agreement with the European Union.”

Norah Chaloner, Guelph chapter member was quoted in the article “Canadian municipalities are rapidly losing their ability to build local economies,” emphasizing the importance of having cities exempt from the trade deal. “CETA is not about trade…It’s about tying the hands of the City of Guelph.”