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Happy Labour Day!


Sisters and brothers,

Labour Day is an opportunity for everyone to celebrate the achievements of working people in this country while taking action to ensure the future is bright for tomorrow’s workers.

The rights workers enjoy today were not handed over without struggle. Things we might take for granted today were realized only because workers fought for them: the eight-hour work day, safe workplaces, sick leave, maternity benefits, same-sex benefits, and the right to organize. Organized labour and workers across the country fought for each of these and more.

Today, workers are still fighting for much more – for fair trade deals, for universal pharmacare, for domestic violence leave legislation, and for the right to retire with dignity, to name a few. These are struggles for rights and laws that benefit all Canadians and are part of the brighter future we can create together.

The Council of Canadians has consistently stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers and sisters in the labour movement and continues to do so today. Human rights, fair trade, a clean environment, democratic reform, and improved health care are just a few of the many issues the Council has worked on with labour allies for the benefit of all. This Labour Day, the Council of Canadians encourages everyone to recognize and strongly support the ongoing work of Canada’s labour movement.

Together, we can make the change we believe is possible.

Happy Labour Day