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Harper’s 2014 budget expected week of Feb. 10

The Globe and Mail reports, “The federal Conservatives are planning to table a bare-bones budget in early February, a low-key launch that would set the stage for a far more significant budget the following year when the majority government asks voters for a new mandate.”

“No final decision on budget timing has been made, but sources told The Globe and Mail that Finance officials are working toward an early budget that would most likely be delivered during the week of Feb. 10. …There is still time for the government to push back the date, but an early February budget would underscore that it will not be a high-profile event. The attention of Canadians and the media in February will largely be focused on the Sochi Winter Olympics, which take place Feb. 7 to 23.”

“For months, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has been signalling that Canadians shouldn’t expect any lavish tax breaks or significant new spending in the 2014 budget – and instead continually points to the importance of eliminating the deficit, so a surplus is available the following year. …Conservatives hope a return to surplus will bolster the party’s economic reputation and provide room in time for a 2015 election for the party to deliver on unfulfilled tax-cut promises, which include income splitting for families with dependent children.”

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