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Help to end Canadian mining crimes in Guatemala!

The Council of Canadians’ Blue Planet Project has partnered with the Projet d’Accompagnement Guatemala Quebec to launch a new campaign called The Money Thread. We are calling on people living in Canada and Quebec to show their solidarity with mining impacted communities in Guatemala by pushing for the divestment of Canadian funds from the mining projects of Goldcorp and Tahoe Resources. Our new website contains a toolkit, petitions and background information about the campaign.

Quebecois and Canadian public funds and investments are financing activities linked to the death and dispossession of indigenous peoples in Guatemala. Existing mining projects have contaminated surface and groundwater sources leading to a long list of health impacts for mining impacted communities and the destruction of ecosystems that are vital to their survival and well-being. 

But these financial ties also mean that we have the power to make a difference.

See how Canadian money is invested in the activities of Goldcorp and Tahoe Resources in Guatemala and sign petitions targeting the Canada Pension Plan, the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan, the Caisse de Depot et de Placement and the Public Sector Pension.

We are also thrilled that Juno-award winning musician and activist Kinnie Starr is supporting the campaign. Watch Kinnie’s message and please share.

Stop Canadian mining abuses in Guatemala!

If you or your Council of Canadians’ chapter hosts a website, please consider featuring a button promoting the campaign.

Goldcorp and Tahoe Resources are continuing to push for their destructive mega projects despite the overwhelming opposition in Guatemala. To date more than a million Guatemalans have spoken out through 74 community referenda. While these companies forge ahead and the governments of Guatemala and Canada turn a blind eye to the demands of impacted communities, your actions can make a difference.