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Hudak Conservatives could take Ontario

Hudak busOntario will vote on June 12 for its next provincial government.

So far the polls tell us that the election could bring a Progressive Conservative government with Tim Hudak the new premier.

CTV has reported, “(An) Ipsos Reid survey for CTV News / CP24, conducted May 6-9, showed that if an election were held tomorrow, 37 per cent of decided voters in Ontario would choose the Hudak-led Progressive Conservatives. In comparison, the Liberals under Kathleen Wynne would receive 31 per cent, while the Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats would get 28 per cent. …The results of the poll (also) showed that PC supporters are most motivated to vote on election day… (And) according to survey results, 72 per cent of Ontarians believe it is ‘time for another party to take over’, while the number of voters who believe that the Liberals deserve re-election is shrinking.”

What would a Hudak government mean?

Toronto Star columnist Martin Regg Cohn writes, “Give the Tory leader credit for laying his job on the line: not many politicians go into an election campaign telling voters they’d ditch 100,000 jobs from the provincial government, schools and municipalities. …Beyond the explosive job cuts, he’d also cut corporate taxes by a stunning 30 per cent. The Tory leader announced Saturday he’d make Ontario the lowest-tax jurisdiction for business in North America.”

And in a recent speech to the Toronto Board of Trade, Hudak described fracking in positive terms as the “shale gas revolution”, promised to “abolish the wind and solar (power) subsidies”, and has stated, “Free trade with Europe presents enormous opportunities for Ontario workers.”

This is something the Canadian Labour Congress is vowing to stop. Newly-elected president Hassan Yussuff has stated, “We’ll triple and re-double our efforts in the province of Ontario to ensure he does not become the premier of the province.”

How to stop Hudak?

The Toronto Star reports, “The Ontario election will be won — and lost — in a smattering of key battleground ridings.” According to the report, Hudak hopes to win Niagara Falls (now held by the NDP), Kitchener Centre (held by the Liberals), Kitchener-Waterloo (NDP), and London West (also NDP). The newspaper reports, “But the big target for the Conservatives is the GTA. Breaking through in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton would guarantee them a majority government.”

Stay tuned!