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Hydraulic fracturing and water concerns in New Brunswick

US-owned Apache Canada Ltd. and Halifax-based Corridor Resources Inc. will begin drilling and exploration work for natural gas in the Elgin area of southern New Brunswick in June.

This natural gas in the Frederick Brook formation will require hydraulic fracturing – or ‘fracking’ – to access.

As described by Environmental Leader news, “the hydraulic fracturing process involves taking water from the ground, pumping fracturing fluids and sands into the wells under pressure, then separating and managing the leftover water after withdrawing the gas.”

Corridor Resources already operates gas wells and a pipeline in the Penobsquis area east of Sussex.

More than 50 homes in the Penobsquis area have been without drinking water for more than five years.  Many residents blame this situation on the local potash mine, but also on the 3-D and 2-D seismic testing done by Corridor Resources.

To read the Council of Canadians critique of hydraulic fracturing, please see and