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Join the call for the Trudeau government to withdraw Bill C-27, its attack on pension benefits

Finance Minister Bill Morneau

The Council of Canadians joins with numerous allies to demand that Bill C-27 be withdrawn by the Trudeau government.

In this open letter to federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Canadian Labour Congress president Hassan Yussuff writes, “I am writing on behalf of Canada’s unions to urge you to abandon Bill C-27, An Act to amend the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985, which represents a dangerous and immediate attack on future and current retirees and Defined Benefit pension plans in the federal private sector and Crown corporations.”

Yussuff highlights, “C-27 was introduced without notice or consultation with Canadians, pensioners, or unions and proposes measures that directly contradict election promises to improve retirement security for Canadians. If enacted, it will have negative implications for private and public-sector DB plans in every jurisdiction in Canada.”

Furthermore, CTV has reported, “Bill C-27 proposes changes to private pensions, something that would fall under Morneau Shepell’s purview.”

At the time that Bill C-27 was introduced into the House of Commons, Morneau held about $21 million in shares in Morneau Shepell.

South Niagara chapter activist Melissa McGlashan notes, “C-27 allows federal employers to move their employees and pensioners from defined benefit pensions to target pensions. Target pensions are far less secure as they release the employer from its obligation to pay the pensioner a specific amount each month. Morneau Shepell happen to be the foremost experts in Canada on target pensions.”

Global News notes the company “saw a jump in share prices after the bill was tabled”.

CTV adds, “[NDP MP Nathan] Cullen wrote to [Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary] Dawson [in October], asking for an investigation into whether Morneau violated the Conflict of Interest Act because he sponsored a government bill that his family’s business stands to benefit from.”

On November 10, the Ethics Commissioner announced that an investigation had begun into this matter.

McGlashan has launched E-1332, a parliamentary e-petition sponsored by NDP MP Charlie Angus, that calls upon the Government of Canada to:

1- immediately withdraw Bill C-27, An Act to amend the Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985

2- disqualify Morneau Shepell from government contract work

3- remove Minister Bill Morneau from his position as Minister of Finance.

To sign that petition, click here.

Furthermore, to send a letter to Morneau to tell him to withdraw C-27, please go to this online action alert posted by our ally the Public Service Alliance of Canada.