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Kamloops chapter prepares for annual walk for peace

Kamloops chapter

The Council of Canadians Kamloops chapter is planning a 40th annual walk for peace in their city.

Kamloops News reports, “Organizer Anita Strong says it will be a celebration of the work done by local peace, social, and environmental advocates. ‘It is heartening to see so many local groups supporting this year’s walk’, said Strong, chair of the local chapter of the Council of Canadians. ‘Many are drawn to the event to oppose the Canadian government which stubbornly continues to wage war, degrade environmental protections, and promote inequality.'”

The Council of Canadians chapter has hosted the peace walk for the past sixteen years.

The article adds, “Walk 2015 takes place Saturday, May 2 at Stuart Wood Elementary School.”

To learn more about the Kamloops chapter, their Facebook page is here.

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