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Kitchener-Waterloo chapter organizes for World Water Day

The Council of Canadians Kitchener-Waterloo chapter is organizing a World Water Day event on March 18 from 8 am to 2 pm.

They have a Facebook event page that says, “Join the Kitchener-Waterloo chapter of the Council of Canadians at the Kitchener Market to celebrate World Water Day, learn about important local and national water issues, and pledge to take action by boycotting Nestle and helping to protect our shared resource.”

Council of Canadians water campaigner Emma Lui writes, “This year, Bottled Water Free Day is March 16 and World Water Day is on March 22. For World Water Day, here are five actions Council of Canadians chapters can take to keep the pressure on the Ontario government or your own provincial government to stop Nestle and other bottled water companies for good:

1- Organize a film screening of (bottled) water films. We have screening rights for Bottled Life and Water on the Table at no cost to chapters.

2- Meet your MPP or MLA to call for a provincial ban on bottled water takings.

3- Gather pledges for the Nestle and bottled water boycott at local grocery stores, farmer’s markets and busy intersections.

4- Conduct a Tap Water vs. Bottled Water taste test. (maybe alongside gathering pledges for the Nestle boycott).

5- Help circulate our thunderclap/social media campaign to have a message to Ontario Premier Wynne blasted out on Bottled Water Free Day calling for a phase out of Nestle and all bottled water takings.”

She adds, “Chapter activists can also help track where Nestle exports water by taking part in the Nestle Bottled Water Hunt activity in the lead up to World Water Day. Nestle claims that the water from Aberfoyle stays in the Great Lakes basin but we want to prove otherwise. Next time you’re in the grocery store (at home or while away), check the label of a Nestle ‘Pure Life’ bottle of water. Chapter activists can note and send the following to their regional organizer: where they found it (store name and city or town), how much it was being sold for, where the bottle came from (Hope or Aberfoyle), and if possible include a photo as well.”

And Lui notes, “We also recognize that there are many other important water issues across the country – like Site C, Muskrat Falls, Alton Gas, and pipelines endangering waterways – and that some may wish to highlight those critical issues for World Water Day. We think this would be great and will support this work too.”

Our Boycott Nestle pledge has now been signed by 47,715 people – to add your name please click here.