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Landfill protesters ordered to end blockade

The Globe and Mail reports on page A5 this morning that, “Simcoe County has been granted an interim injunction ordering protesters who say they are trying to protect Ontario’s unspoiled groundwater from blockading construction of a new landfill in Tiny Township.”

“The fight over the landfill, located northeast of Barrie, has pitted the county against local residents, area First Nations, and several major national interest groups. Sean Dewart, a lawyer representing the Council of Canadians, says municipal records indicate that, while the county has voted to have some preliminary work started, it never approved construction of the landfill. He will be seeking a court review of the county’s activities.”

“The project has stoked deep passions because the site lies atop an aquifer containing some of the world’s cleanest water. The landfill design has water naturally flowing into the pit dug for the dump, where it will be polluted by the garbage, collected in pipes, and trucked to local sewage treatment plants. The idea is that groundwater outside of the dump doesn’t get contaminated.”

“Although the Ministry of Environment approved the dump, Ontario’s environmental commissioner has asked that the project be reviewed. The court hearing will resume next Wednesday.”

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