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LETTER: Chapter activist challenges Toronto Star on tar sands pipelines

London chapter activist Roberta Cory writes in a letter to the editor in today’s Toronto Star:

You are commended for your editorial supporting the 99 per cent, but then you come out in support of “dirty oil” and the pipelines a few days later. Are you trying to keep your readers by having it both ways?

You cannot brush off genuine opposition to the proposed pipelines, whether the Keystone XL pipeline through the U.S. or the Enbridge pipeline through northern British Columbia, by attributing any criticism to “sheer domestic politics,” “Hollywood activists,” or “congressional protectionists.”

The Council of Canadians has taken the lead in educating about the enormous amount of water used to extract bitumen from an extremely low grade source, the tar sands, resulting in a carcinogen contaminated Athabasca River, toxic waste held in huge open ponds, and risky proposals to move this dangerous crude material thousands of miles to the sea.

Please join the large percentage of Canadians who want to see Canada hold up its head again, rejecting fossil fuel extraction and embracing innovation in clean energy technologies.–pipeline-follies