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London chapter calls on Liberal MPs Young & Fragiskatos to back electoral reform

Photo by Hector Mclellan

The Council of Canadians London chapter joined with allies – including Fair Vote London and Pro Rep in London, Ontario – for a ‘street corner demonstration for proportional representation’ on May 18.

The Facebook outreach for the demonstration had noted, “Let’s gather at the south west corner (Shoppers and Tim’s are there) where we have room to set up. Lots of bus routes through that intersection.”

London has two Liberal MPs:

Kate Young (London West)

telephone – 519-473-5955

email – Kate.Young@parl.gc.ca

Twitter – @KateYoungMP

Peter Fragiskatos (London North Centre)

telephone – 519-663-9777

email – Peter.Fragiskatos@parl.gc.ca

Twitter – @pfragiskatos

The House of Commons is scheduled to vote on May 31 on a motion to concur with the recommendations of the Special Committee on Electoral Reform.

On December 1, 2016, that all-party committee presented its report to the House. It recommended, “that the government should, as it develops a new electoral system … minimize the level of distortion between the popular will of the electorate and the resultant seat allocations in Parliament.”

But on February 1, despite his October 2015 election promise, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ruled out electoral reform. The vote on May 31 is an opportunity to keep the promise of electoral reform alive.

Our ally Fair Vote Canada highlights, “The NDP, Green, and Bloc are expected to vote yes. With the votes of just 20 Liberal MPs, the motion would pass. If the motion passes, it becomes a resolution of the House, restarting the important conversation on the promise to make every vote count in 2019.”

Over the past five months, Council of Canadians chapter activists have been participating in numerous rush-hour rallies, meeting with their Member of Parliament, attending public forums, and taking other action to demand that Liberals MPs not break their promise to implement electoral reform.

Council of Canadians supporters and chapter activists are encouraged to continue this pressure on Liberal MPs in the lead-up to the May 31 vote.