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MP says county should reconsider Site 41

The Alliston Herald and Midland Mirror report that Conservative Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton says, “The county has made tremendous strides on diversion, so their projections in terms of what’s needed for landfill are far less than what was envisioned 25 years ago. I wish they would go in a different way. …It would be great if the county would reconsider.”

Additionally, former Simcoe North NDP candidate Richard Banigan issued a media statement recently urging Ottawa to seize ownership of the Tiny Township property now being turned into a County of Simcoe landfill.”

Banigan says, “Expropriate the Site 41 land for a national park and accessible tourist attraction. This could be a water park … with fountains, sculpture and totems, outdoor theatre, learning centre, etc. It would provide the most benefit for the greatest number of people, serving as a symbol for what grassroots democracy can achieve in Canada.”

Banigan also notes that the federal government has a role because, “Canada is bound by treaty with the U.S.A. to keep the water in the Great Lakes clean. If there is any potential for toxic chemicals to get into the Great Lakes via the aquifer underlying Site 41, then this would be a matter of international environmental concern.”

Stanton dismisses these ideas and says, “If he was more familiar with the role of the government of Canada, he wouldn’t make the statement that he does. The province or the municipality would just tell us to bugger off. When we created the Constitution, the roles and powers of the provinces and the federal government were determined.”

The full article is at http://www.allistonherald.com/allistonherald/article/140561.