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NAFTA challenge launched against measures to protect Canada’s caribou herds

The Canadian Press reports that John Andre, an American hunting outfitter, has filed a notice of intent for an $8 million NAFTA challenge against Canada because the government of the Northwest Territories has limited the hunting of dwindling caribou herds thus impacting his business.

“In December, the territorial government restricted hunting of the herds. Although local Dene and Metis can continue to harvest caribou, they now face quotas. Non-aboriginal hunting of some herds was virtually eliminated.”

“The Northwest Territories (is trying) to relieve pressure on its once-mighty herds. Biologists say nine of Canada’s 11 caribou herds are in decline.”

“Caribou herds have always fluctuated, but biologists suspect a combination of climate change, industrial development and hunting may be preventing them from bouncing back as they have in the past.”

The article explains that, “Notice of intent is the first step in the NAFTA arbitration process. It tells the affected government that a dispute has arisen and authorizes it to look into the issue.”

The full article is at http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20100328/caribou_nwt_100328/20100328?hub=Canada.